FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Upload Rules

  • No audio logos

  • No Loops

  • Poor recording quality and low audio levels will not be accepted.

  • Composers must have an IPI#

  • No description or Composer name in song titles


What is a Stem?

A Stem file is an audio file that contains a track split into musical elements: i.e. A drums stem, a bassline stem, a harmony stem, and a lead stem.  All stems are bounced out as individual audio elements from the zero time on your audio sequence.  This means a music part that appears half way into the composition will have an audio file that has dead space/air (No Sound) until the audio part appears.

All stems should be the full length of the song allowing editors to place stem files all at zero in their sequence and rebuild the audio mix to the picture.  Stems for a typical Pop/Rock track would be Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals.  Stems for orchestral tracks would be Percussion, Low Strings, Mid Strings, High Strings, Woodwinds, SFX.  The Tunedge Music Portal allows for six stems, this means that very often stems must be combinations of multiple tracks (i.e. guitar stem could have multiple guitar tracks) (i.e. a string stem could have multiple string tracks).  Remember the point of stems is to allow the end user to rebuild the mix. Combining multiple tracks together into a single common stem helps video editors and mixers with little knowledge of music re-mix the composition.


ROCK STEM EXAMPLE  (Review all elements of a stem song here)



ORCHESTRAL STEM EXAMPLE  (Review all elements of a stem song here)



What is a Composer IPI number?

IPI (Interested Parties Information) is an international identification number assigned to songwriters and publishers.  The number is used by both broadcaster and rights societies to uniquely identify rights holders. IPI numbers are assigned to composers by their Rights Society (i.e. USA Rights Society are ASCAP, BMI & SESAC).


What is my Affiliation?

Your Affiliation is the Performance Rights Organisation (PRO) you belong to.  PRO’s are also known as a Performing Rights Society or a Rights Society. USA Rights Societies include ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.  These Rights Societies, provides intermediary functions, like collection of royalties between songwriters and parties who wish to use songwriters works.  Rights Societies also assign songwriters IPI numbers.


Full Mix

The ‘Full Mix’ is the main version of the song with all of the instruments included and including and vocals.  Note: The length of the song has nothing to do with a song being a Full Mix.


Reduced Mix

The ‘Reduced Mix’ is the Full Mix minus one or more instruments and/or vocals.  Note: The length of the song has nothing to do with a song being a Reduced Mix.


What is a Schedule A?

Each composition submitted requires a ‘Schedule A’ agreement.  The ‘Schedule A’ becomes part of your Contributor Agreement. The ‘Schedule A’ identifies the song name, writer/s name, writer/s share and if the song is being submitted exclusive or non-exclusive.


What is a Contributor Agreement?

Is an agreement between you the artist and the tunedge music portal.  This agreement makes clear that you own the rights and have the right to enter into an agreement with Tunedge Music Portal.  The following is a list of points to make clear the essence of the agreement.

  • All music you submit must be clear of any publishing or master ownership claims (You must be the owner of the music.)

  • Gives us the right to offer your Badged compositions to our media clients through-out the world.

  • Term is one year. 

  • TunEdge Music Portal Agreement is (non-exclusive) leaving you open to work with others.

  • You Keep 100% ownership of your songs

What does the Tunedge Music Portal Do?

From fad to fad to new programs and series, Tunedge Music Portal brings a birds eye view to it’s private artist community. Helping creators, producers and songwriters compose and present music that is more usable and relevant to the production community at large.

With our proprietary metadata tagging, Tunedge Music Portal readies music to be found in a variety of music search engines including all major networks and producers.

What should be in Sounds Like Description?

Descriptions should always consist of Tags only.  Free form descriptions (i.e.: Sounds like a fun day walking through the park) DO NOT WORK!  A proper Sounds Like description should consist of tags and keywords that relate to commonly known things like; Artists, Songs, Movies, Names, etc.   Here is what a Sounds Like description should look like; Led Zepplin, Stairway to Heaven -- Godfather the Movie -- James Bond Theme -- Star Wars  -- Katy Perry, Firework -- Beethoven -- Mozart -- Beyonce -- Drake, etc.